Other Pest Services

  • Carpenter Bee – Carpenter Bee infestations can be identified by round holes bored in your wood or piles of fine sawdust on or below wood structures. You will also see large bees flying around your wooden structures such as decks, porches, house eaves, and siding. Carpenter Bee infestations can be controlled with a once per year treatment. If you think you have Carpenter Bees damaging your structures, call us to come take a look. We can identify the problem and put together a plan to get rid of them.


  • Honey Bee – Honey Bees usually become a problem in the spring during the spring swarming season. If feasible, we can sometimes relocate swarms from a structure. If the swarm is already established in the structure and removal is not possible without removing parts of the house, we can eliminate the bees.


  • Ornamental – Your shrubs can be destroyed by many insects including Japanese Beetles, Aphids, and Bag Worms. We can treat for all of these insects with a monthly treatment of your shrubs.


  • Fleas – Fleas can become a problem whether you have pets or not. The source of the infestation must be found and controlled before treatment is started. Once the source is located we can treat inside your structure or outside as needed. Call us so that we can make a plan to keep fleas from your home.


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