Turf Management

Pre-Emergent Pest Control Treatment

Pre-emergent Treatments

Pre-emergent treatments begin in early fall and continue through winter. These applications prevent winter weeds from sprouting up and shading out your desirable grasses. Some of the weeds controlled by these treatments Henbit, Sand spurs, Lawn Burr weed, Crab Grass, and various other weeds.

Post-emergent Weed Control

Post Emergent weed control usually begins in February and continues throughout the summer. These treatments help control any weeds that aren’t controlled with the Pre-Emergent.  Post Emergent application control Bahia grass, crab grass, clover, and various other weeds that fight your desirable grasses for nutrients and sunlight.


Fertilization starts around April. Lawns will be fertilized 3 times per year. We apply a granular fertilize that is dissolved in the ground after irrigated. This helps to keep your lawn healthy and allows it to shade out the competition


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